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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ross's Geekiness 5

Ross's Dinosaur Noises Click Here for Full Resolution

Ross makes funny Dinosaur high-pitched, intimidating noise of a Velociraptor

Episode : Friends - [7x18] - The One with Joey's Award

Ross's Geekiness 4

Student : Maybe you can cut me some slack. I'm sort of in love.

Ross : I'm sorry, but that's really not my problem.

Student : I'm in love with you.

Ross : That brings me in the loop a little.

Episode : Friends - [7x18] - The One with Joey's Award

Joey's Dumbness 12

Phoebe : How would you feel if you found out you were 31 ?

Joey (Talking to God) : That's not gonna happen. Because we have a new deal.

Episode : Friends - [7x14] - The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Joey's Dumbness 11

Joey imitating Award Show.....

Joey : ''The winner is...Joey Tribbiani!''

''I honestly never expected this."

I didn't prepare a speech.

I'd like to thank my parents, who've always been there for me.

AIso like to thank my friends, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel--''

Episode : Friends - [7x18] - The One with Joey's Award

Phoebe's Weirdness 3

Phoebe : Girls, this thing is a godsend,
         if you know what I mean.

Episode : Friends - [7x14] - The One Where They All Turn Thirty

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joey's Dumbness 10

Joey : Rosita does not move.

Rachel : I'm sorry. Rosita? As in--?

Joey : As in ''Rosita does not move.''

Rachel : It's just a chair. What's the big deal?

Joey : It's the equal distance from the bathroom to the kitchen...
...and it's at an angle where you don't get any glare coming off Stevie.

Rachel : Stevie the TV?

Joey's Dumbness 9

Ross : Did a Porsche throw up on you?

Joey : Heyy..!!   It's Porsche-a !!